Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Cheap Frills - a place to get and share decorating ideas and tips on a budget!
My Motto is:

Old Is the New New
At Cheap Frills you will be able to find the following:
  • Friendship, Fun, and Laughter
    Advice and Tips on Redecorating your Home on a Budget, in many cases using YOUR OWN STUFF YOU ALREADY HAVE!!!
  • Window "Mis" Treatments
  • Fix ANYTHING with a can of paint
  • No Sew Fabric Coverings
  • "Trash to Treasure" projects galore
  • Giveaways
  • Fun Scrapbook Projects
  • Photos and tips from my own "redecorating" dilemas
Having moved and redone homes more than 6 times in the last 6 years, it's always a challenge to keep my own home looking how I want. Add an active 5 year old, a hungry husband, a "real" job, and a pile or six of laundry just sitting there GLARING at me, and it seemed to be almost impossible!

After talking to many many other busy moms (is there any other kind?), I've found that we are all in pretty much the same boat. We all have busy lives and various demands. Children, husbands and jobs. We want what we see in decorating magazines, without spending a fortune or hiring a "designer". We CAN do this!  Who doesn't want some Cheap Frills now and then?!

I have always ALWAYS been interested in decorating and crafting - literally going back to when I was a little kid. After many lovely compliments and alot of encouragement from others, I've decided to start this blog as a way to share some ideas and inspiration!


I'm hoping to have sections for different types of decorating - my main goal is to find ways to *Recycle* and *Repurpose* things that we already have laying around, just WAITING for a makeover! Our lives have been so filled with the material *STUFF*. I am hoping to simplify and use mostly things that I already have - it's a fun challenge that makes you look at everything in a whole new way!

Amazing what can be done with a can of paint, a glue gun, and a little imagination!

I still have alot to figure out about this whole "blogging" world, so bear with me as I get things set up and going!


In the future, I also hope to offer more *personalized" help and Cheap Thrills to help you out too:
  • E-decorating services: Per room or even just per CORNER of a room!
  • Handcrafted and unique Curtain Tie Backs for CHEAP
  • Custom Window Treatments for CHEAP
  • List of materials and where to get 'em CHEAP
  • Cute ways to preserve and show off your photos and momentos... and more
  • Many other CHEAP FRILLS that are sure to thrill!  :)

I'd love, love, LOVE to hear from any of you - Please feel free to leave comments below.......

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