Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog

Hey all! 

Remember I mentioned the great Etsy Team I've become a part of a few minutes ago in a recent post ?

Their first challenge that I've been able to be a part of had to do with Musical Interpretation.   Fun, no?   In other words, express somehow in crochet your favorite song, musician, band, etc...  

Click here for my entry.

An adorable baby or toddler hat, crocheted to look like a cute dog!   This is a custom made to order item.  Can be done in just about any age group, from Newborns on up!  I think this would just look ADORABLE on a little one!  Here's another couple of photos. ....

He just looks guilty LOL!

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Do it!  Now!  You won't be sorry LOL~

I'm linking this post up to a great little Blog Party..

Stop by yourself and check out all the talented peeps!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!

Smiles and Hugs, Joyce

Hooray for TEAMWORK

So a quick post here to update:   As I mentioned previously, I decided to open an etsy store.  Shameless plug to follow  right about HERE - Click Me!! Click Me!!    I'll be doing a little post in the near future to explain how it all came about, but something else I've been super excited about is the fact that I've also been asked to join an Etsy Team of fellow hookers, umm...  crocheters!    CreateCrochet Team to be exact.   

We've got a blog
and a Facebook Page!/CreateCrochetEtsyTeam?ref=ts
and so far there's been lots of fun stuff going on, such as weekly Chats and Team Challenges.   More to come about those as well.

It's been a geat opportunity to meet a bunch of new faces and interact with others who truly understand my passion for crocheting!   The talent on this team absolutely blows the mind!

I wanted to share these links so you can feel free to please check out the blog or fan page on Facebook and show all these folks some LOVE..........

While you are there, be sure to become a fan of my page on Facebook as well!   I'll be offering all kinds of discounts, free shipping, tips, toutorials, patterns, giveaways, yada yada yada - exclusively for Facebook fans.  I also have started a Discussions tab where I invite All Crafters to leave a link and a little description of their own store!   A little Linky Love is a good thing.

Ciao for now!

Smiles and Hugs, Joyce
The Crochet Barn on Facebook
TheCrochetBarn on Etsy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New to Etsy!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

I've been so far behind in updating my blog, that what I SHOULD do is just pretend like the whole thing never happened and hide my face in shame somewhere. 

But I have been quite manic busy lately - oh yes I have.  I will be showing you guys bits and pieces over the next fews days (okay, who are we kidding?? Probably WEEKS) of what I've been up to!

I do want to take this time to introduce you to my new etsy store! 

The Crochet Barn - etsy

Please feel free to come by and visit!  I have ALOT more work to do getting her all stocked up, but plan to have items for Babies, Kids, Adults.  Possibly dogs....   But, we'll come back to that.

Also, please visit me here on facebook!    Become a fan and you'll be notified of different sales and special discounts!   Won't that come handy when it's time for Back to School or even holiday shopping  ;) ??!

I've changed the name of this blog to The Craft Barn.   I'm hoping this name kind of encompasses everything  a bit better!  I'm still going to prattle on and on and on about my other home decorating endeavors and have crafty toutorials for you all.   I will just also prattle on and on and on about my crochet items from time to time as well.   I've gotta figure out how to change that little banner up there, but that's another chore for another day I suppose.

Remember this post??   I finally have some resolution and will have the pics to prove it!

My little one is off to first grade in the fall, and this will be the first time she's gone ALL day EVERY day.  I'm hoping that you'll be hearing from me alot more often again!  I've kind of missed everything in Blog World, and I'm certainly going to need to keep busy while she's gone SNIFF!

Smiles and Hugs, Joyce

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yoo Hoo - Remember Me?

Hi - Remember me? 

So apparently my last post was 8 MONTHS AGO.  I guess life does get in the way sometimes, yes?   I hope you all have been well, and I do plan to pick up right where I left off.   Boy, I thought life was busy with a toddler, I never realized it would get more so with a school age child :)

My daughter completed her first year of Kindergarten, which turned out to be a wonderful experience for all of us.  She did great, made alot of new friends, kept me running around with all her activities, and basically had a WONDERFUL time. 

I did find time to finish up a few projects.  Mainly the hutch in my dining room that I went on and on (and on) about in this post.   I'll be putting up some photos soon, and I'm happy to say that I LOVE how it turned out!  

I have also been crocheting up a storm lately.  It started when I made a cute sweater, blanket and hat for a new arrival in our family (my cousin's baby, not my own!)  My aunts suggested that I make a few additional items to put into their craft store, and it just went from there!   Now I am proud and excited (and a little nervous) to open my new etsy shop!    I want to "spruce" things up a bit first, but another post will soon follow with the link.   I hope you can all stop by and take a look around!   Here's a sneak preview of a few items......

A Strawberry Hat......

A Flower Cap....

An Apple Cap.....

Juicy Watermelon anyone?

A couple more that will be available for fall are a Pumpkin cap and an Acorn!

I'll eventually be offering patterns to these cuties as well.

So that's all for now - I'll be posting a link to my new store with some special introductory prices, along with some photos of recent project around the house!

Have a great day, and hopefully it will not be ANOTHER 8 months until you hear from me again!

Smiles and Hugs, Joyce
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