Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New to Etsy!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

I've been so far behind in updating my blog, that what I SHOULD do is just pretend like the whole thing never happened and hide my face in shame somewhere. 

But I have been quite manic busy lately - oh yes I have.  I will be showing you guys bits and pieces over the next fews days (okay, who are we kidding?? Probably WEEKS) of what I've been up to!

I do want to take this time to introduce you to my new etsy store! 

The Crochet Barn - etsy

Please feel free to come by and visit!  I have ALOT more work to do getting her all stocked up, but plan to have items for Babies, Kids, Adults.  Possibly dogs....   But, we'll come back to that.

Also, please visit me here on facebook!    Become a fan and you'll be notified of different sales and special discounts!   Won't that come handy when it's time for Back to School or even holiday shopping  ;) ??!

I've changed the name of this blog to The Craft Barn.   I'm hoping this name kind of encompasses everything  a bit better!  I'm still going to prattle on and on and on about my other home decorating endeavors and have crafty toutorials for you all.   I will just also prattle on and on and on about my crochet items from time to time as well.   I've gotta figure out how to change that little banner up there, but that's another chore for another day I suppose.

Remember this post??   I finally have some resolution and will have the pics to prove it!

My little one is off to first grade in the fall, and this will be the first time she's gone ALL day EVERY day.  I'm hoping that you'll be hearing from me alot more often again!  I've kind of missed everything in Blog World, and I'm certainly going to need to keep busy while she's gone SNIFF!

Smiles and Hugs, Joyce

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