Thursday, November 12, 2009

Operation Closet Cleanout - Part I

Hello again!

I am calling this Part 1.   I am hoping that the most there will be is a Part 2, and the whole thing can just end there.    It is really ALOT of hard work cleaning out a closet!   Especially if you are like me and save things like cards from your own 7th birthday, or maybe a few pairs of jeans from pre-child days when you were a size 2.   I hereby declare that I never will be a Size 2 again (and probably don't WANT to be) so Out.The.Door.They.Go.

I'm basically trying to take this....

I know, it's hard to even locate the closet DOOR among all the stuff everywhere.   I'm only going to open it a little for you to peek inside...

Enough said....

So that is another project that I've been working on.  My clothing is hanging at this time in a closet that is in my daughter's playroom.   I was in her playroom the other day, thinking "I HAVE to find a way to organize and control all these toys from taking over".   Then all of a sudden I had a "DUH" moment (as I've heard it called!)  Why don't I move my clothes OUT of the playroom and we can use THAT closet for toys?!?   I know - DUH.   Told ya.

This is basically where I stood on the project yesterday...

About 9 trashbags full of clothing to be donated to GoodWill.   I probably should have figured out something more environmentally friendly then all these plastic bags, but I've got enough to worry about for the time being.

Hoping to finish this little endeavor up today by the end of the weekend, so I can get a bit more organized and start working on some fun stuff again! 

So, wish me luck, okay?  I need it.

Smiles and Hugs,


  1. Good luck! Just think how satisfying it will feel once you're done! I always feel good when I finish something like that.

  2. Have fun! I love to organize. :)

  3. YOu will feel like you are in a brand new 'home'! Goodness! NINE bags?? You're funny- and thanks for being honest! haha :P

  4. Hooray! Someone else with closets that match my own :O) When you figure out how to organize your stuff, let me in on the secret, k?

  5. It's not a FUN job...but it sure feels great when it's over. Happy Thanksgiving!



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