Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breadbox Revamp

Good Morning!

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I thought I would show you how a recent project has turned out.  I've been spending most of the last week trying to finish up my daughter's bedroom, so many other projects have to be put on hold for the time being!  

Here is a breadbox that I've recently remade.  Let's have a look at the before.  

Wow,  huh?   I wish I could tell you that I found this at a thrift store, and had SO much vision and forthought that I snapped it up, already knowing what wonderful things could be done with it.

But no, this was something I actually purchased (about 7 years ago) with my hard earned money.  It's been sitting in my barn for the last 5 years, feeling shunned from society I'm sure.

Anyways, my first step was to see if the "lovely" object of art on the front (with all the fruit?) would easily be removed.  

It was!  Popped right off with a fancy screwdriver  cheese spreader!

I then got to work with some spray paint...

The off white took probably 3 coats, since I did not bother priming first.   I probably could have done that and got by with only 2.      I grabbed my new best friend for the middle piece...

I'm probably WAY overdoing the whole chalkboard paint thing now.   You can read about a couple of other chalkboard projects right here  and  right here.

I sprayed the entire outside and then sprayed a quick coat of a protective finish over it. 

I had originally thought that I should somehow NOT spray over the knob in the hopes that I could simply unscrew it and replace it.

I forgot and sprayed it anyways.   The screw WILL NOT come out.   I don't actually think it was the paint, because a couple coats of spray paint should really be no match for me and my sophisticated power tools.   But try as I might, this thing just did not budge.

So (at this point I had brought the whole piece inside) I just decided to grab some acrylic craft paint and handle the knob with that.

Here's a cool little tip that I use when painting VERY small items...

I simply put a tiny bit of paint into it's own cap and used that as a dispenser.

I then used Gorilla Glue (use this stuff SPARINGLY - it works really well, but it expands as it dries) to reattach the now pretty decorative patch on the front.

I like it much better at this point.  My camera is not quite catching the true color.  It's more of an off white than it looks in this photo.  Anyways, I thought it could be a tiny bit prettier still.

I have a few of these guys lying around.

That fluer de lis is actually a planter stand of some sort that I found at Walmart for 50 cents!

Painted her to match....

And then added a tiny black and white check ribbon (just glued it right on) along the back..

The finial could have used another coat, but I rather liked the way that it did not cover completely, gives it a more aged look or something.

And, here she is!

I did NOT adhere the top piece in anyway.   That way I can either remove it completely if I get sick of that look or use it elsewhere.

A few other recent projects resting upon the top...

Note:  I should add that I began painting both the inside and the back, but then either got bored or started something new, so this is how they remain...



But, I figure this piece is really only for me and "me" does not care.   The only way you can see the inside would be if you actually OPENED the bread box to make a sandwich or something.   Do you want to guess if anybody else in my house EVER opens the breadbox to make their own sandwich?
That is correct. 

Here she sits on my kitchen counter, looking more at home..

I'll be continuing with my "Come Inside" series this week with maybe a peek into the rest of the kitchen and my daughter's room.

Thanks for stopping by!

Smiles and Hugs,


  1. Very fresh ~ I love it! The chalkboard is cool because if you have rolls you can just write "rolls"; bread, you can write "bread"; bagels ~ well, you get the idea.

  2. Ack...I really love this! What a fun and simple project, but in the end...looks fabulous! I'd love it if you could link up to Frugalicious Friday with this.

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  3. Thanks guys! Jane - I would love to! I had trouble previously finding your blog. I will try again! Thanks again.

  4. What a great project! I love what you did with the breadbox. I think adding he mini chalkboard was a great idea.

  5. Who would've thought? It's beautiful. I found one of these at the local GW, I should have grabbed it! This is stunning!

  6. Very cute!!!! What a good job using what you already had :)

  7. Joyce this turned out great. I love how you used the chalkboard paint, it looks wonderful! And no one is going to look in the back of your items....at least I hope not! Big smile.

  8. Super cute! Love the transformation. The black adds a nice pop!

  9. How great is this? You certainly have an eye to transform items into treasures. The chalkboard addition is superb!

  10. Cute! I love the chalkboard, and you know, it's IMPOSSIBLE to overdo chalkboard paint. According to ME, at least. :)

  11. What a great idea and I just happen to have a breadbox waiting to be reinvented! Guess I should attempt painting it while I remember your fabulous re-do! ☺

  12. Nice work! and what a difference! Have to love that chalkboard paint!

  13. This is a super cute transformation. I love spray paint!

  14. love the transformation...it looks so fresh & contemporary!

  15. This turned out so cute Joyce! Even small improvements make a big difference! I love the new look. Great job!

    Thanks for adding this to the Show & Tell too! :)

    You're on a roll girl! Can't wait to see what you're up to next!


  16. Nice change! I recently bought an old bread box at a thrift store a couple bucks and now it's on my porch as a mail box - waiting for a coat or two or three of white paint to spiffy it up!

  17. I just got a bread box at a thrift store ans it is waiting patiently for its makeover. I love the chalkboard piece and the finial!

  18. I'm so glad I stoped by. I have an antique bread box I bought 2 months ago. I haven't refinished it yet. It's pink. I was going to paint it black. But after seening yours in white, I don't know about the black.



  19. Your creations are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  20. This turned out great! SOOO much better. :-)
    pk @ room remix

  21. It looks great. Very cute!

  22. Ack...this project is so fun and cute, and thrifty too! Love it! Thanks for linking up to Frugalicious Friday!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  23. so cool, but you do realize you probably just brought breadboxes back in style, right? You will be to blame for this! LOL, looks awesome!

  24. Great Job Joyce!! This turned out great!!

  25. Nothing like a good dose of chalkboard paint! Love the new bread box!


  26. Wow! I'm on the hunt for a bread box now - you are very creative!

  27. Wow. You've really given the chalkboard a rightful purpose here! I love when the transformation actually becomes a useful change. The box looks amazing!

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

    Funky Junk Donna

  28. Very nice... I love it... I have passed up so many of those boxes... not anymore... thanks for the inspiration... great job

  29. Fancy screwdriver/cheese spreader~~too funny! From outdated to outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

  30. @cheapchichome. This is really cute, do you keep bread in it? I think it would be handy for kids snacks. Label: Granola bars, cookies, etc.

  31. The breadbox redo is great. I would have passed it up in the thrift store, but you had the vision, girl.


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