Friday, October 2, 2009

Start to Finish.......

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I have to say that lately, time has been zipping by way too quick.  And I never seem to be able to follow a project through - start to finish - in just one afternoon or day the way I used to!

Between my daughter's activities, volunteering in her classroom, my own "real" job, birthday parties, husband feeding, house cleaning, yada, yada, yada......... there just is not a big enough chunk of time all put together for my own pursuits!

(photo courtesy of Country Living)

Neverthless, the weekend is upon us, without any MAJOR plans, so I hope to get a few of these completed.

Here are just a few "Sneak Peak" photos of what I've been (trying) to work on and what is yet to come.

I have a fun project in mind for this cute little stool I picked up at a thrift store for $6.   SIX dollars!  I could spray paint this with purple GLITTER and cover it with newspapers and it still would be worth the six bucks!

I'm not going to though.

Don't bother adjusting your monitor for the photos below - the leaves and fall accents REALLY are that orange - I really heart the urns though so I must do something about this ....

Below is an ongoing eyesore that I subject myself to everyday that needs some attention.  We call it..... Are you ready for this?    The Closet Room.   Catchy and original, huh?    It's a great spot - right off of our bedroom and it really is mainly for storage.   It's got a huge storage area against another wall (conveniently closed off by doors) and a dresser for storage and two of these closets that STILL do not have doors.  

The plan all along was to finish them at SOME POINT, but "some point" never seems to get here.  Since I am not about to hang a door (yet), I need to come up with another temporary solution.

This was my first attempt at a "mistreatment" by the way - it's been like this for years.   Great idea and something I hope to follow through on with a nicer fabric...

It's basically 1 panel from a set of old curtains hung along a rail!

You can see I cleary have my work cut out for me....

But it hides an even bigger eyesore, so I think with a different fabric (and some attention elsewhere in the room) I can stop shutting the door to the whole area entirely)

This is what needs to be hidden - the bedrooms in this part of the house are TINY and there is not even room in my daughter's room (or my own) for a closet.  

I also found this cute(?) sign thing in my barn that I'm dying to do something with...

These cuties were another thrift shop find - $1.50 - for both!

They could use a lil' love too.

This little rolling pin thing is actually a small shelf!   Thought it might be cute with some attention...

Another "barn" find was this, um, lovely? breadbox.   Definitely needs an update, but I like it's shape and size and it's got alot of room inside...

I also am going to work on a tutorial to show you guys how to make something like this with extra scrapbooking supplies

Perfect for photo storage or a winter display (did I really just say WINTER?) or as a unique gift box!

Long term projects include a craft room that looks a little more like this:

... and a bedroom that looks a little more like this....

... and cleary I'm gonna need some of this....

Anyways, I'm certainly not going to get all of this accomplished over the weekend.  But if I can somehow *focus* just a little more, I'll be able to finish at least a few projects.  

I can't wait to share the end results with you guys!

What is everybody else working on??  I'd love to hear about your own projects!!

Smiles and Hugs,


  1. Well, Get movin', lady!! I can't wait to see what you come up with! And I love that bread box. I have been thinking of finding one, for the countertop... No no no... Not for bread, to hide cell phones and chargers! Anyhoo, I am excited to see what you will do with those projects~ Good luck!

  2. Love your decorated box ~ I'll watch for that tutorial. It's hard not to acknowledge Winter when the stores are coming fast and furious with the Christmas decorations. This weekend, I am planning on putting a vinyl word I ordered on a wood plaque I painted and getting that hung in my guest room. I also have a little wire basket that I will be repainting since its current gold color really doesn't work for me. If I can accomplish those two things this weekend, I'll be happy.

  3. are going to be a busy lady over here! Enjoy all your work and spray painting!
    sandy toe


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