Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ideabooks and More

Happy Thursday!
Here's a link to the website I promised the other day -   It is Houzz.Com and is LOADED with valuable photos and ideas!

Perfect if you are thinking about remodeling/redesigning and want to get great ideas while also staying organized.   It's got literally THOUSANDS of photos, which you can filter by room and/or style and a feature called "IdeaBook" where you can save any rooms and/or ideas that you like!   This is perfect for me (I can be rather disorganized and jump around from one project to another).    I hope you get a chance to check them out for yourselves!
I've saved a few "ideas" in an ideabook for my dining room redesign.    Here's a few photos to browse...

My favorite feature of these ideabooks is that you have an area that you can write a note along with each photo you save.   This is handy - I just went and browsed through them again, wondering why in the world I liked a certain room, but reading the notes I made was very helpful in reminding me.   In some instances, I have a photo saved just because I liked a centerpiece, or a wall color, etc...

I loved the colors, bench and the centerpiece in this room above.

For this room, I really liked the way the room was separated from the kitchen - Gorgeous built in cabinets with shelving and are those working windows above them?!   So charming...

The above photo shows a dining room set that I do NOT like in any way BUT, I really liked the idea of the extra tall wainscoting on the walls.

The above I saved with the caption "NOT!".   Not really sure why I bothered, other than at least I know what I DON'T want.

I was excited to find this photo - these I believe are ceiling medallions and would solve my problem with my "boob" lights if need be.

Check out the last photo below.   It's a great example of the phrases "To Each His Own" and "There's Something For Everyone".   


But if you are thinking of redoing any particular room or even corner in your home, just might be worth a look-see!

That's all for now.   I will update on the dining room as it moves along.   Next we'll move onto my daughter's room and our family room.
Ta for now!

Smiles and Hugs,

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