Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Treasure or A Mistake...


I am repurposing this post yet again (in case there are poor souls out there that have not heard enough about my endless "to do" list!) to link up with Miss Mustard Seed's Friday Party - Woo Hoo!  I added the "Woo Hoo".  You have me to blame for that.    But seriously, do your little old self a big old favor (no I don't think any of you are "old") and head over to check out the rest!

In my case, I may have stumbled on a treasure.   On the other hand, I may have made a large mistake.  Not large moneywise ( I spent a total of $6) but large SIZE wise.

Behold my newest....

It's a mirror.  Obviously.  And - It's. BIG.   I was driving past a yard sale last weekend, and it was the first thing I saw and did a quick u-turn to get a closer look.    I ended up picking up this and a few other things for $10.   I had originally planned on using it on my mantle.  Um, no.   Turns out that it's both too long and way too tall.   By about 2 feet!   How I neglected to notice that is beyond me.   The guys running the yard sale were nice enough to load my "goodies" into my car for me.  So, I also had no idea how HEAVY this beast was.   I did manage to drag it inside my house and into the living room.  

The glass is very VERY dirty and smeared (with what I do not know) and the wood is pretty scary as well.

Still I have visions of a creamy off white spray paint doing the trick - as it has so many times before!   Since I figured that Hubby would have a HUGE problem with this monstrosity (that he now has to figure out how to hang) I propped it up and quickly scurried out of the house before he came home.   I did happen to leave him a nice little note though, hoping he could somehow see the humor in the situation...

He did not.

I've been forbidden from buying any more LARGE junk.  Well that is just fine.  I will stick to smaller junk for the time being and plan to be vindicated once she's all prettied up.   I think I do have a great spot for it, now that I realize my original plan is just Not. Gonna. Work.
I have put the wheels in motion to redo some of our dining room.  You can read more about that project
right here.

I'm hoping that a newly painted, pretty white mirror can help lighten up and open up this small, darkish little space.   Although I'm a bit worried that people are not going to want to stare into a mirror and watch themselves eat.   Anybody have any thoughts on that?  For real, like I just don't know if my plan for the mirror in the dining room is any better than the original plan.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear any and all opinions!   :)  Thank you very much.

So that's all I've got for now.  Busy days ahead doing the mommy thing and finishing up my daughter's room.   That will be my next room in the "Come Inside" series.  

Have a great day!
Smiles and Hugs,


  1. Wow, Joyce ~ great deal! You can do so much with this, too! Personally, I don't like a mirror across from me when I'm eating. It could work though and not bother people if it's high enough not to catch the reflection of people sitting at the table. Your call on that, though.

    You could also paint it Heirloom White and put chalkboard paint right over the mirror and have a lovely chalkboard for anywhere ~ laundry room, kitchen, kid's room.

    Left as a mirror, you could just paint the frame and hang it just about anywhere, as well. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.

  2. First of all- I wasnted to comment on your dining room. What a beautiful transformation! If you wanted to change out the boobie light fixtures and are worried about the wood- maybe try a ceiling medallion? Check these babies out!

    I bet they'd be beautiful!
    And I like the idea of hanging that mirror in the dining room. OR maybe in a hall way- with candle sconces? If it's too heavy, try using hercules hooks- they hold up to 50 lbs- and you don't need a tool to install them- find them at walmart. I LOVE that mirror, and about fell over when you mentioned the price! Great job! :D

  3. that is too funny! I only wish my hubby would let me stop at garage sales :)

  4. No mistake at all! My Hubby brought home a huge mirror and the size of it intimidated me, but we ended up hanging it on the wall at the entry with a narrow sofa table beneath it as a console. You can read about it here

    Your mirror would be pretty painted cream or even black. You can put it above a small desk and make it into a vanity. I'm sure you'll find a perfect place for it!

  5. I love the note! My husband and yours are probably the same, mine would not have found it humorous either! ha ha! I am sure you will find a great place for your new find and I look forward to seeing it "made-over"!


  6. I love this mirror...You MUST have a wall that needs some light and reflection...maybe even behind and end table? Good Luck - my hubby would have had a conniption!

  7. I think this mirror is great! It's going to look awesome when you are done with it.

    Good find.

  8. I think your mirror will look nice painted and you will find the perfect place to hang it.

  9. Joyce, I think the mirror will be great, and I can't wait to see what you do with it. I have no problem whatsoever with a mirror in a DR. I have a very large one in ours. It's tall (four feet) by about two or more feet wide. I like it because it widens the space, AND you can put candles in front of it for extra sparkle. Mirrors reflect light at night, and that's a good thing. ;-)

    You did well.

    Happy Thrifty Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  10. This is a great mirror! The hubby might come around once it is painted. Now where to put it? I'm not sure. But I know you'll be able to find will be too pretty!!

  11. What a great find! This will make a great re-do. And your husband sounds a lot like another husdand I know.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Ack...what a great frugal find! I hate to sound desperate, but obviously I am! I have a day today too called Frugalicious Friday! This day's about sharing your fabulous finds and Diy projects...and this post would be perfect! hint, hint ~wink~

    If you have the time, head on over. This day was created for thrifty blogger's like you!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  13. Hi Jane - Thanks. I'm pretty sure that I did post this there to be honest. I'll have to recheck it! :) Thanks

  14. Ooops, Joyce you already did link up to Frugalicious Friday! Thanks for the second...I owe you one!

  15. My husband frequently bans things as well. His latets "bans" are "cute postage" (He wants the ugly forever stamps...boring!), homemade Chex mix, (he can't controll himself), and me spray painting in the street, and leaving marks.(I say it will fade and the snow is about to cover it anyway!)

  16. I bought a mirror very similar to this with the same plans of using it above the mantel and like yours it was too big. I ended up painting it heirloom white and screwing in 4 small silver hooks on the bottom and hanging it by the door in my kitchen. The boys are hanging coats & backpacks etc... on it. and my kitchen is small so it has a big prescence and kind of opens up the room since it is a mirror.

  17. oh and I want to add I hung my heavy mirror with a new find from Lowe's. They have a "hook" that is about 1/2 an inch that you hammer into the wall and then it has a hook that sticks out from the wall for you to hang a picture from. I hope this makes sense. I used 2 and it is super sturdy. They are with the picture hanging tools.

  18. Ummm, I've been forbidden from buying ANY more junk until I get the projects currently hogging my garage finished. Yikes! I love that mirror - I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  19. @cheapchichome. I have a mirror in the DR and don't mind it. Keep us posted on where it ends up.

  20. Hmmmm , a talking mirror....I think you should keep it - you will figure it out :o)

  21. Your mirror left such a nice letter for your hubby. :) A mirror with handwriting that nice is definitely worth $10 at a yard sale. I can't wait to see what you do with it! Good buy!

  22. I also bought a big mirror, too large for mantle. I love the idea of putting hooks on it. I could really use something like that in my hallway. Unfortunately, my mirror's frame is too narrow. I'll be looking for your redo


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