Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because Sometimes I'm Lazy and Un-original

Good Morning!

First I'd like to say hello and welcome to my new followers.   Please feel free to tell anybody you can think of about this blog.   I have LOTS in store over the next few weeks!  

However, it's been a busy few days here with my little one starting Kindergarten for the first time, so I've had trouble putting together a proper post for you.   I'll leave you with this picture for the day.    Now, this is not my dog, or my toilet paper, but things like this ARE a regular occurence around here!   My dog LOVES paper products.   Sounds strange, but it is true.  If there is a roll of toilet paper, a paper towel, or even a bit of KLEENEX, this dog will do everything in it's power to get the damn thing into his mouth.     This photo came as an email attachment yesterday and I just loved it.....
Have a great day everybody (hopefully better than the one this doggy's owner was having!)   I'm hoping to get some photos of recent crafty/repurposing projects up soon!

.......Scrawled out by the Cheap Gal

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