Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home Was Not Built in a Day

Okay, yes for anybody paying attention - I did steal the title of this post!  LOL   But it is so true!  Rome wasn't built in a day, and I'll bet neither was your home. 

Everywhere I look in this place today, I feel like it needs a makeover.  A Cheap Frill, if you will.  

Another glimpse into my crazy chaotic world LOL!  .......   I think the important thing to remember is all the potential.  And SOMEDAY, when I have the time, it will all get sorted out......

Here's what I like to call an Identity Crisis.  It happens every so often.  Usually to this poor, unassuming mantle.  I get an itch to redecorate, that will extend to wanting new curtains, and at that point the paint samples make an appearance!  Right now, we have a couple of different options for fall decorations (notice the Ugly Pumpkin from a previous post?), flowers and/or plants for the vases, and some fabric thrown across the windows for future "mistreating" purposes.   I guarantee that I will move all this around a few more times (probably NEXT week, it's sure to stay a mess for another few days) Give up and then just put it all back how it was in the first place.     Stay tuned - I'll update with an "After" shot at some point!
Another spot in my living room which is a source of constant issue is my daughter's little toy "Storage" spot.   I love the cabinets and the cubbies - but we STILL manage to make a mess!  She has an entire playroom to herself, but somehow everything winds up in here anyways.   I think this piece actually DOES have quite a bit of potential.  For a Cheap Frill - I went to Michael's and purchased the cabinets (they are 2 layered ontop fo each other) and painted them up.   The bins were sold separately, also at Michael's and, strangely, were only a couple of bucks each.   They are yet to be painted - yet another thing on my never ending "to do" list!   I want to have them blend in a bit better with the rest of the room and get rid of some of this excess "stuff". 
Remember the playroom I mentioned earlier?  Yes another area that needs some well deserved attention.   It's cutesy and colorful, but needs a makeover as well.   Especially since my little girl is a BIG almost six year old now, alot of this stuff no longer even applies - I'm hoping to get a slip cover for the loveseat, and somehow address this great cabinet with some coordinating toy BINS
Okay, now onto my office.  Clearly I've got my work cut out for me, dontcha think?   :)   THIS room should be an absolute BLAST to organize and decorate.   A special little spot in the world just for me.   My ideal space would have a craft area, well organized desk, and a large walk in closet.    Got all of those things, mind you - now just have to get motivated to UTILIZE them!
Yup, pretty much a big ol' mess........
If any of you have some thoughts or ideas on how or even WHERE I should get started, I'd love to hear it!  A *bulldozer* perhaps?

.......Scrawled out by the Cheap Gal


  1. man,
    i don't know maybe a leave blower and power washer, thats what i use on my shop any ways.
    you gotta be careful with the pressure washer tho, it might take the paint off.

  2. lol...i wouldn't know where to start either! i should talk - my house is in desparate need of a reorg or redec! good luck.

  3. Good for you for posting these pics, it's so refreshing to see what reality looks like!


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