Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Old Stuff" Redo Part #1

Okay, so I found some really good buys at a thrift store that I introduced you guys to right here.

I finally found a bit of time to play around with over the weekend and wanted to share the results, so far.

Okay,   remember this little beauty?

I actually didn't even give her a makeover.  Not even lip gloss or NOTHIN.  Well I did wipe the dirt off, but that's about it.    I really just liked it so much that it ended up on my hutch with some fall flowers.

The color is obviously not coming through the greatest, but you get the idea.   I actually think it would be stunning black with fall flowers, but sometimes I just get impatient!  Maybe this weekend.

Okay, and these candlesticks?

They had a little more lovin'.    I started with a basic Ivory paint.   Everything I do seems to be either Ivory or Black lately.   

All together now... Ebony and Ivory... Live Together in......

Sorry, I'll stop.   Anyways, this is what I ended up with

Prettier, but still pretty boring.   Plus the bow reminded me more of spring.    So I tried this instead....

And I kinda liked it!  The bow got moved along the BOTTOM of the piece and I added some fall foliage and berries.   A gingham ribbon along the top and a cute little birds nest with more berries on the inside.

Then I wondered what to do with it.    A candle seemed so "anticipated" or something.  I know, I'm a weirdo.   So first I tried the super trendy lately "pumpkin on a pedastal".

Yeah, not so much.

Then how about a cute decorative bird?

Still just looked a little out of place - she's too separated from the damn nest or something.  Anyways, then inspiration struck and I found the PERFECT purpose for my new old thing:

A lipstick holder for my daughter's play makeup!   

I'm kidding of course - but it's the only thing that did fit perfectly.    I think perhaps I will just stick with a candle.

Here's the other one:

Added a bow again with a touch of foliage for fall, and along the bottom some more fall berries with a couple of pine cones.

I know you are thinking that the two pieces would make alot more sense if they matched.  You would probably be right.  

Maybe someday - nothing seems to stay the same way in this house for too long before I get bored and change it all over again!

I'll be doing some more postings shortly with the rest of my "finds" along with an updated stool project,  some uses for repurposing scrapbook materials (got WAY too many of those) and I've also been having fun with Letter Decorating.

Have a great day everyone
Smiles and Hugs,


  1. Yay!! I was wondering what you were going to do with those candle holders! I love them! And you can change them whenever you feel like it- And how cute is that little flowerbox?? I had no idea it was so tiny! Love it~ thanks for sharing.

  2. Jane @ Finding FabulousSeptember 25, 2009 at 3:47 AM

    Cute stuff Joyce...I love spray paint too! It's like "new" in a can! You've inspired me to get on the ball with Fall Decorating!

  3. I like that you changed the candleholders to white - I love the decorations :)

  4. Joyce, thanks for stopping by my blog so I could see where you are here .... love your blog ... love what you did with the candlesticks! Looking forward to looking around. Will be back, going to go put you on my blog list!

  5. hmmm, just tried to post a comment, don't know if that one took so I'll try again ... Joyce, love your blog, will be including in mine! And the candlesticks are beautiful! Can't wait to check out your other posts!


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