Saturday, September 5, 2009

The RePurposed Wrapping Paper Post

Hi again!

While my crazy five year old is doing laps around the kitchen island (I'm not lying, she REALLY is) I wanted to post another cute "repurposing" tip.

Recycling wrapping paper and using for handmade cards! This would work great with the loads of wrapping paper you'll have everywhere after Christmas, holidays, birthdays, etc..... And since so designs many are themed, they are a perfect embellisment for some handmade cards!


I'll post this quick tip and come back later to show you some examples of how I've used this. And you know I'm dying to try it out myself! Nothing but the cheapest for the Cheap Gal. And just THINK of all that gorgeous paper that would otherwise be tossed!

Note: I just had another great CHEAP idea! This would probably not be practical in every instance, but if somebody gives you (or your child) an especially *special* gift, or even if you know that they spent alot of time and effort on the wrapping, use THAT paper as scraps for a unique and super-special Thank You card! I am so doing this! Boy, I love myself sometimes....

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