Friday, September 18, 2009

It's A Pink Pink World

Sure seems to be a Pink Pink World at this point! At least in my daughter's room.

My daughter has been asking me to repaint and update her bedroom for AGES.  Well, except that she's only five, so it can't have been that long.    Anyways, she picked out all the colors herself, God Help Me.    Yellow, Pink, Red and Green.  And maybe Blue.  And a Big Yellow Sunshine.   Well, we'll figure out the details later... and I'll be sure to post photos along the way.

We picked out a pretty light pink sheer fabric for the windows and the plan was to get some fancy tie back to dress it up a bit.  Trouble is, I couldn't for the life of me find anything that was at all pretty and unique.  So I did what any self respecting Cheap Girl would do - I made them!

Very proud of myself in fact.  Little One loves them, and they do add a little spark to the curtains.   If the whole room was going to be this pink?   Too Pepto Bismal for my taste.  But we've got a pretty light yellow for the walls picked out, and this really will be the only pink in the whole room.  I hope.

Basically what I did was this:  You know those sometimes (usually) awful silk flower arrangements they sell at W#$mart for about $2?  I bought one bouquet of those and ripped it into pieces (not REALLY but I did dissassemble it - the flowers pop right off).  Then I found some very pale shimmery pink ribbon in my craft room, and glued those suckers right to it.   Easy peasy pie, right?   It really was that simple and it looks fairly pretty and my daughter thinks I ROCK!  Awesome Possum.  Gotta love that.

And, I cannot actually recommend this for a child's room, but I just used a push pin to attach the ribbon to the window trim.  Can't even tell!  Well, not really.

I'm thinking of TONS of possibilities now for more handmade curtain tie backs - can't wait to start playing around!

While I'm at it, I've been browsing online for Little Girl Room ideas (by the way, BEWARE of using the search terms "cheap little girls rooms") , and WOW there are alot of pretty rooms out there..

Courtesy of HGTV
I'm really enjoying the rooms that showcase other colors, besides the traditional Little Girl Pink

From (where I will be headed next!)

Sandra Belle Interiors - just love the green and purple combo!

Courtesy of Firefly Furnishings - More green - I just adore this nightstand and the head and foot board. 

Here's a couple using the standard *PINK* but with their own unique twist.

I forget where I pinched this photo from and I apologize.
Pretty for a sophisticated parisian look

The above is one of my favorites - from Rustic Decorating Gone Wild.   Perfect for my future log cabin!  Except for the fact that my little girl will probably be 30 by then.  She won't need a bunk bed.

Doesn't this look like a fun little spot for a tea party??

Another thing I want to try to somehow incorporate into my daughter's room (at her request) is a canopy of some sorts above the headboard. We've got a bunch of built in shelving, so at the moment it seems impossible. 

And  the little rugs!  They look like adorable little polka dots scattered around - LOVELY touch.

The above is from Diapers to Design - Awesome idea as a headboard!!!

Courtesy of Sprouts Gallery

Love the idea of something like this in my little one's room.   A small desk that can double as a vanity.  I would find a *cheap* (of course) mirror to place above the desk and raise the pics up a bit.

So, that's one of the decorating challenges ahead of me.   My daughter is old enough to have some say in her room, but I'm thinking it's definitely going to be a battle of the wills here!   I keep compromising by telling her we can get a little more crazy in her playroom (another challenge for another day year).   I want her "little girl" room to still look like it belongs to an actual little girl!

Do any of you guys have girls you decorate for?   Any suggestions for me?   I clearly need all the help I can get!

Please leave a comment or link to your own photos - I love hearing from you all!

Smiles and Hugs,


  1. SO cute!
    My daughter would LOVE it if we painted her room pink!! We are just at that point in life, I will miss it when she outgrows it.


  2. I know! I couldn't wait for her to be bigger, and now I really miss the whole toddler stage. Oh well. Check back - I'll be posting pics of the "remodel". :)


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