Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cheap Frills PEEP Show

Are you a Peeping Tom?   Do you love a little Peep Show every now and again?  

Seriously, there is nothing I like better sometimes then getting a look into somebody else's home.   Hubby laughs at me because at night, I try to scope out the houses that have not pulled their shades yet and see if I can catch a peek at their furniture, or decorations, or window treatments.....

Since this whole thing is kind of a chronicle of my adventures in Repurposing and Redecorating, I thought I'd share a quick Peep Show into my home.    So you can cleary see what I am up against!

Here's a peek into my front hallway/entry way right now.  It's actually better than it was a day or two ago.  Hubby came home and thought it looked like a scarecrow threw up - Fall and Halloween decor and pumpkins EVERYWHERE.    Need to find a home soon for all these fall goodies........

Oh, and that crazy checked fabric over the windows?    Soon to be a "mis" treatment - Hung it there about 2 weeks ago to see how the colors looked and have not done a thing to it since......

Also, this hutch that is in my entry which is driving me just crazy.   It's very pretty, but the wood is just too dark in my opinion.  I have some lovely china that supposedly belonged to my husbands great grandmother displayed there right now, but anything I put on it just fades into the background.   I'm hoping to get a paint brush to it soon, and give it a makeover - I'm thinking a light creamy color similar to the trim in this room....
Do you all have areas of your home that need some attention?? 

.......Scrawled out by the Cheap Gal


  1. Hi Joyce,

    You have a beautiful mantle there. Try to clear some of the clutter of your daughters toys. concentrate on one area at a time. Visit other bloggers for decorating ideas. Visit
    Picket's Place She is a doll, and she has the colors in her home similar to yours. she has used a lot of white furniture also. You can also visit Rate My Space for decorating ideas. they have all kinds of styles for whatever room you need. Good luck!


  2. I'll check both of those out Debbie - thanks!


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