Monday, September 14, 2009

CHEAP FRILL - Budget Kitchen Redecorating

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and certainly where many of us spend alot of time.   At the very least, it's probably where you'd store the Take Out Menus, along with Mr. Coffee and the microwave.

Actually, I love cooking when I have the time (and maybe a bottle of wine.  or two.)  Anyways, there are a few ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank.   Read on for some Cheap Frills:

New Hardware
Look around some and you will find that there are as many price ranges as there are styles.  You may be able to find something to your liking at a yard sale!   Or check online for deals.    My hubby actually just picked up An Entire Kitchen Full of Brand New Cabinets That Are Gorgeous for about $700 on Craigs List. 
Bar Stools around the Island
These are just stunning.  Courtesy of BarStools.Com.  I can see a lovely red and white, or even black and white toile or check pattered cusion on top.
You really don't have to break the bank either.   They do have styles that are quite pricey.....
Photo courtesy of
This one is called "The Hillsdale" and runs about $200.
But, by comparison.........
Photo courtesy of Home Decorators
... this little cutie above is only $29 from Home Decorators.    Need one with a back?
The above is also from Home Decorators for about $100.   For a real bargain, try searching Yard Sales and Second Hand stores.    Then just take a paint brush to it if need be, add some pretty fabric and it's all yours!
Photo courtesy of Inviting Home
Same photo, but illustrates the point of how a paint job can make a dramatic difference.  Especially pairing a dark, bold color with a pale background.
The above photo courtesy of Country Home. 
Great example of how color can tie an entire room together and make it so cozy and welcoming.  Painted yellow cabinets set the red accents off beautifully!  The white with red checkerboard floor patterns breaks things up and keeps it looking fresh.
Below is another example of red being used as a main color in the kitchen.  The color itself becomes the focal point.
The following I cannot personally endorse, simply because I really wouldn't even know where to begin........
But it definitely has it's own style...........
Area rugs can be utilized in the kitchen in new ways.  Instead of just your basic mat underneath the sink, try placing a more elegant area rug or two out in the open.   Certainly warms the room up quite a bit...
I love the way this large branch was used above the windows below.   I'm normally obsessed by window treatments, but this room doesn't even need any.
Place Settings
Whether it's a breakfast table in your kitchen or just set out on the island, adding place mats and settings to a table makes a kitchen very warm and welcoming.   Plus, adds a nice dash of color.
The following photos are all courtesy of Country Porch (check out their website if you have not done so   All of their designs tend to have coordinating valances, chair pads and other accessories as well!
This might be pretty in a country kitchen.....
Some would work in a seaside cottage setting........
For a bit more drama..............
Ever think about adding a lamp or two in your kitchen??   I've seen this done beautifully, on either side of the sink, and am now searching my tired brain for where I've seen photos.  
I really like this one.....
Hang a Pot Rack
Another way to add some "spice" to your kitchen (either excuse or enjoy my sad excuse for a pun) is to add a potrack to your room.
You could opt for fancy like these two examples
Or something a little simpler
Even just  a small rack with a shelf above on your wall would add a nice touch.
Photo courtesy of CallieDecor
There are probably a TON more ideas of ways to add to your kitchen without spending a ton.   Leave a comment if you have some of your own!   Love to hear from you guys!!!!!!!  :)
Myself?  I'm definitely trying the lamps. 
Have a great day everyone!

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