Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Decorating WITH a Door

I saw this idea this morning on the Nester's blog - what an AWESOME idea! I have seen doors used as wall hangings before, but this really is pretty creative! :) had to share it with you

I can see using a door as a headboard too!

Here's one take on that idea from none other than Martha Stewart herself............
And another  -  I like this one even better, I'd probably hang a wreath on it - Sorry Martha.   Oh, yeah, because she SO reads my blog I'm sure.....
Courtesy of The Bedding Snob
I'm guessing this is something you could literally find FREE on the side of the road - How's that for a Cheap Frill???   AND, some repurposing too!
Any other ideas for an old door?  

.......Scrawled out by the Cheap Gal


  1. Very good idea! (And very "Trading Spaces" LOVE it!) :-) You could also make a nice dining table. Nice blog!

  2. Thank you Charlene. I love the table idea! Just have to convince the hubby that it's a GOOD idea to pick up doors out of the trash LOL


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