Thursday, September 10, 2009

Front Door Envy........

I have Front Door Envy.......

When we remodeled my current home, I had my heart set on a lovely, black (of course) front door.  Maybe with a small window, maybe with sidelights.   (We went from a tiny 900 sq. ft bungalow, to a little over 2300 sq. ft. and sad to say, my biggest issue was the FRONT DOOR).   This is still a "Reality That Is Yet To Be".   Notice how I phrased that?   It sounds so much better in my own mind then "Because My Husband Said NO".   

Apparently a black door is not a good idea when the direct sun will be hitting it all day long.   Something about the black drawing in the heat from the sun and making the door too hot.  Now, forgive me if I am mistaken here, but isn't that why the Good Lord invented DOOR KNOBS????   

But, I digress....

Anyways, in a sad attempt to live vicariously through other peoples acquisition of My Black Door, I found some gorgeous examples out there.
I love this type of door with all the windows - REALLY lets the light shine in.  If I did this though - there would be fingerprints and pawprints all over it!

I think a Front Door can set the tone for the entire home.   Not that a plain Jane (or John) door says that your house is plain and boring.   If whatever else you've got going on in the exterior is very fancy or has alot of detail, you'd probably be better off with a plainer door.  But a nicely done front door can be very welcoming.........

Or Impressive......

Or Rustic...

It can change the entire look of an exterior just by adding simple holiday decorations.

For Winter........... I REALLY love this one.   Especially if my last name started with an H.
Or Fall....
And for Spring
And I guess even for Spider Man Day

My Own Front Door As It Stands Now ........

I'm not really too sure what this says about me and my home at this point, other than that I'm somewhat lazy sometimes and just give up and go to Walmart.   Good Lord, if you look closely enough, you'll see that the price tag is even still there.   

.......Scrawled out by the Cheap Gal


  1. Hi there! I can't believe I just now discovered your blog. Loooove it! I will so be back. :)

  2. Love your collection of front doors.

    Hope you get your dream door soon.

    Our door - plain varnished mahogany.

  3. Thanks girls. I may just start with a black door KNOB and go from there. Or, "mistakenly" have a small "accident" with a lovely black can of paint! :)

  4. Love your blog and all the neat ideas.


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