Friday, September 11, 2009

Laundry Room Update

Updated Basement Laundry Room

Like so many of us, do you have the "pleasure" of a laundry room located in a damp, dark, sometimes smelly basement?    My own is actually currently in my damp, light, and sometimes smelly 1/2 bath, but it WAS previously in my basement and just *being* there was a chore, never mind the laundry itself.

Would you prefer this:

Or this?:

Photo Courtesy of Country Home

I've compiled a quick list of Cheap Frills for updating your basement laundry room.   Even just a couple of these little tricks can help transform it into a space that's a bit more tolerable.   I know if my laundry room was this after photo, I would find excuses to do more laundry.   Okay, maybe not.    Anyways, here we go:

  • Determine exactly how much space is YOURS.  And yes, unless you have others helping you with the laundry - it is most definitely YOURS.

  • Section out at least that much room - If you feel particularly ambitious, the floor COULD be covered with some stick on tile.   I am neither ambitious in general, or particularly handy, so I would opt for this option:  PAINT.   That's right - right below you on the concrete floor.  Even go really nuts and paint your section of wall(s).   I would recommend choosing very light colors - even just plain white for the entire thing.   Add an inexpensive throw rug or mat for some warmth and color.

  • For a great counter top area to fold laundry, try using a craft table or a folding card table.  Heck, even a pair of sawhorses and a piece of plywood would do the trick.   Paint that baby up too~!  Or simply cover with some pretty fabric, which brings my to my next tip:

  • Cover the opening that will be underneath this New Masterpiece with a pretty skirt.   No, not a skirt like you would wear.  More of a bedskirt.   But in this case, a table skirt.  Which probably has a fancy "designer" name that is escaping me...... Nope!  I just checked.  It's a Table Skirt.  Premade drapes would do the trick (try cafe curtains for the correct legnth)  Or even a pair of drapes that you can shorten.   However, another great idea would be to do a custom treatment (or should I say MIS Treatment??- Thank you Nester) and pick out a lovely fabric that you just can't live without.   Sew (or even just glue) a quick hem and use a springy style curtain rod to hang.   No need to even install any hardware!  This will cover up all that storage space you now have without showing off the clutter.  
  • A little footnote to the above would be the suggestion that Outdoor Fabrics would be best as they are made to resist water and mildew.

  • The use of the pendant lighting is another nice touch as well.  I'm not sure offhand how difficult or pricey this would be, but being the Cheap Gal that I am, I'd probably opt for a couple of inexpensive, BATTERY OPERATED mini lamps.

  • Hanging fabric along the walls can really soften the room as well - I love the cheery yellow used here.

  • The Ironing Board is even a lovely touch.  When not in use, drape it with a pretty tablecloth or any other fabric that may catch your eye!

  • Here's another idea I came across and really liked:   Have a hanging space above your washer & dryer with a bar for hanging *fresh out of the dryer* laundry.   Courtesy of Home Improvement Online:
  • Of course, shelving above would be a marvelous touch as well.   And don't just store your laundry "notions" there!  Accessorize the shelving with some personal touches - family photos, etc...   
    Maybe a pretty wreath or other wall hanging on your newly painted walls and this could become a place that you look forward to being in.   Until you turn the corner of course............
    But we'll tackle that another day.....................

.......Scrawled out by the Cheap Gal


  1. Nice Laundry room tips. I do have the bar over my washer and dryer and can't imagine not having it there. It just comes in way too handy!

  2. Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeous site here. I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....

  3. It does make laundry more doable when you can do it in a beautiful space!!

  4. I can't do anything to improve my laundry room...It is a seperate room added on and have to go outside to go in there and it has a lot of other items stored in there that we can't put anywhere else...Maybe some day


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